Somewhere in Kansas


Actually, I know where we were in Kansas, a small remote town called Russell, for an overnight stop.  We had a nice pull-thru away from others, and me with clear view of a few Chipping Sparrows flitting around from the trees to a puddle of water out my window.

Seemed to be a perfect time to stretch my legs!  😉

Alas, no bath-time shots, but I got a cool shot I love of one of the Chipping Sparrows perched on a chain-link fence.

DSC_1118-2 81321

Chipping Sparrow with a caterpillar for dinner


Thank goodness those Chipping Sparrows enticed me outside!  I heard an unfamiliar bird call and looked up to see the bird crossing the sky.

Welcome to my bird lifer list #241 Mississippi Kite!  🤗 🤗

(I’ve finally hit a snag with me using the classic editor for everything, it’s not allowing me to change my side bar count.  Bummer.  I’ll work on that.  🧐 )


DSC_1156-1 81321

Mississippi Kite – Lifer #241


What was even more awesome, the kite landed in a nearby tree, much to the chattering delight (or scolding!) from another Mississippi Kite already perched there.

I couldn’t get any clear shots of both in one frame nor could I see a nest; but there was some serious discussions going on.

Then just as quickly, the landing kite went into launch mode and was back in flight.


DSC_1220-2 81321

Mississippi Kite


DSC_1221-1 81321

Mississippi Kite (my favorite shot!)


It flew to another tree further away.  Maybe where it was more quiet?  😉


DSC_1268-1 81321

Mississippi Kite relocating to another tree


I left them be and was headed back to our site to get our dinner going when I heard one of the kites back in the air and watched it land on a wire closer to me.  Awesome!


DSC_1356-1 81321

Mississippi Kite


DSC_1349-1 81321

“What’s with this lady? You’d think she’d never seen the likes of me before.”


This small raptor is quite the beauty, isn’t it?!!

Hey, you may have noticed my blogging slowdown.  Hopefully, you’ve missed me!  😉  We’re back home in Maryland; and, oh boy, I’ve been busy with a long list of catching up to do.

I still have some summer travel photos to post, but I thought I’d share a few cool facts for those that followed along.

We journeyed 16 weeks through 16 states for about 12,000 miles (RV 7,000; car 5,000) from sea level to 10,947 feet and back.

AND I cannot forget….counting this kite, I added 21 new lifers to my bird list!  Woohoo!!   💃🤗😊

Thank you so very much for tagging along on our summer adventure seeing some of our beautiful country.  Your likes and comments have been absolutely wonderful and very much appreciated!  Thank you!


58 thoughts on “Somewhere in Kansas

  1. It must have been a wonderful trip…. 16 states in 16 weeks, that’s quite some distance !
    Take your time to get your jobs done and we will be patient to see your pictures.

    • Thank you, Simon! Me too, the links and the three-layered color pattern came together pretty neat I thought. And cool that that sparrow enticed me to get to see the kites! 🤗😊

  2. Fabulous captures of the kite, Donna! And congrats on another lifer. These are another amazing bird to watch in action.

    Those are some stats on your trip! It was fun to travel along with you to those far flung spots. I’m looking forward to seeing where your next adventure takes you, far away or in your own back yard. 😀

    • Thank you, Ellen, capturing the new kite was such a awesome pick-me-up after a long day of riding. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed our adventure, and oh my, there is so much more we saw and loved. I took a lot of photos, lol. I’ll be picking through them here and there. You were right on one of your answers on my next adventure, getting back out to my ‘backyard’ of the Chesapeake Bay and those wonderful wetlands! 😊

  3. What a wonderful journey this has been for all of us following you. I’m sure you have mixed feelings returning to MD, but oh what an adventure you have had! Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  4. Wonderful captures Donna of a beautiful raptor which has a face similar to our Black-shouldered Kite. I love the rufous in the wings you captured in the light.

    • Thank you, Ashley! I was thrilled with capturing the rufous wing coloring, and so thankful those little sparrows enticed me for a leg-stretch. 🙂 We never know what surprises and blessings we might see and find!

  5. Your RV tour has been very productive for lifers. Your #241 is a beauty, the Mississippi Kite has a lovely figure. I’m glad that your trip was a success. Thank you for your posts, Donna, they all are excellent. 🙂 👍

    • I am still on Cloud 9 with all the lifers, it was beyond what I could imagine of seeing, HJ! And then the kite was the icing on the cake. 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed following along, it was a special trip for us to get to see so much of our country’s beauty day after day, state after state. Very thankful we got to do this.

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  7. The Mississippi Kite is utterly gorgeous. What a lucky capture! (Of course, it took more than just plain luck! 😉) That’s one I’ve never even heard of.
    Good luck with getting settled back in and moving on with new developments. Bet the granddies are happy to have you back.

    • Thank you, Gunta! I’m rather proud of the Mississippi Kite in flight shot. 🙂 Ugh, catch-up has been awful, so much to do to get back on track. I feel I need a vacation! HAHA And yes, it’s been exciting to see the grandboys, they are such fun!!

  8. Thank goodness you heeded the call of the chipping sparrows, Donna. So exciting you got to see and photograph a Mississippi Kite. I happened to see four this morning, but they will be leaving us soon, returning to their winter quarters just as you and your husband did. Hope you will catch up your to-do list soon!
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you, Tanja, this Mississippi Kite was such a thrill! We don’t have them on the east coast. I’m still deep in catch-up but it’s getting a little smoother so I can start blogging again. 🙂

  9. FYI – I used to avoid using blocks until I discovered that if I write the post in a Word doc (as usual) and then past the entire thing into the first block, it’ll format the entire post the same way as my doc! Paragraphs, headings, etc., are all formatted automatically.

    • Thank you for the tip, JK! This is working for me for classic block! I’m getting hung up now on it not allowing me to ‘update’ my side bar. Ugh…… I’ll keep at it, try to figure out. 🙂

    • Thank you, Julie! I had only seen/heard of the Mississippi Kite a few months ago, so it was indeed a thrill to capture! We had an awesome trip all way around. So many memories made!!

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