Great Blue Heron Up In A Tree


With the marsh flooded at Chesapeake Farms, I just had to look other places to find birds.

A-ha!  I spotted a Great Blue Heron resting up in a tree along the road.  I almost missed it as I passed by, s/he blended in so well.  Ever so slowly I was able to back up for a couple shots.


Great Blue Heron


Despite their impressive size, a Great Blue Heron weighs only 5 to 6 pounds, thanks in part to their hollow bones.  This is a feature all birds share.


20 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron Up In A Tree

  1. Great picture! I enjoy seeing the great blue herons land – or try to – in the tops of our shoreline trees. I am always surprised that the small branches will support them, but I guess they have it all figured out.

  2. I’m sure that s/he was resting after a delicious and hearty meal. Otherwise it would have been on the ground, next to the water. Great captures, Donna. 🙂

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