Yellow-bellied Flycatcher


We’ve begun clearing our property where we’ll be building a house next year.Β  My husband told me he was seeing a lot of birds while he’s working; so when I ran over to take him lunch, my camera tagged along.Β  😊

As I walked back into the trees and thicket, a pretty little bird with a bold white eye-ring flew out and flitted around me from branch to branch, checking me out.

I just stood still and kept trying to stay with it…..because it sure looked like a new bird to me…..

And it was!Β  Welcome to my bird lifer list #244 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher!Β  πŸ’ƒπŸ€—πŸ˜Š


Yellow-bellied Flycatcher – (new lifer #244)


Yellow-bellied Flycatcher


Yellow-bellied Flycatcher


Thank you, HJ, for confirming the ID of this flycatcher for me!Β  πŸ‘ 😊


59 thoughts on “Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

  1. What a wonderful discovery. Hopefully he/she will still be there when you are settled in your new home. We have great crested flycatchers in our yard in the spring and summer, and Peter has often thought he saw other kinds – which look quite a bit like your last photo. But we’ve never been sure. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much, Jane! My camera loves to tag along! 😁 This new lifer encounter had me wanting to go again yesterday with lunch, there were no newbies but some other nice birds. We have almost 2.5 acres, trying to just clear where the house will sit so the wildlife doesn’t go too far away.

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  4. What a cutie! You’re narrowing down to the flightier, harder to catch little speedy ones now and yet you keep adding to your list! Good job! πŸ€—

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