Five On The Wing – #15


It has been a while since I’ve shared my series of five bird species in flight, and I’ve been building a folder of singles.  Time to share five more!


Blue Jay


Bank Swallow


Belted Kingfisher


Rock Pigeon


American Kestrel


36 thoughts on “Five On The Wing – #15

  1. Wonderful photos of five birds I’d love to shoot ‘on the wing’. Thanks for sharing these wonderful captures!

  2. Your Kesrel is quite beautiful Donna, many raptors seem to have beautiful plumage patterns which makes them all the more interesting and popular with us all.

    • Awww….thank you so much, Simon! I just practice practice practice with tracking birds. I throw oh-so many away! lol The little kestrel is a stunner in all ways, shape and colors!

  3. Whoa! Your rock pigeon is doing a perfect imitation of the Peace Dove… right down to the dangly bit in the beak! Bravo! 👏👏👏

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