Five On The Wire – #5


My folder for my next series of five bird species perched on a wire has been storing shots of four birds for some time, just waiting for bird #5 to make it a post.


Loggerhead Shrike


European Starlings


American Kestrel


Red-shouldered Hawk


And the fifth bird that was most obliging to complete this post…..


House Sparrow


40 thoughts on “Five On The Wire – #5

  1. Who would have thought the poor neglected, dis-respected house sparrow would be the one to complete your set of five. Great series!

    • I know, who knew! 😁 Shortly after the House Sparrow photo, I got another bird on a wire, it’s post is today. Too pretty to wait for four more to complete the series. 😉

  2. Nice shot of the kestrel – they are really jittery around here and tend to take flight the second they see anybody with a camera moving towards them.

  3. Another lovely line up Donna, and look so good against a rich blue sky. Your Loggerhead Shrike reminds me a little of our Butcherbird with its hooked beak and size.

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