Eastern Wood-Pewee


The Eastern Wood-Pewee is quite common over the eastern half of the U.S. during the summer/fall before it migrates to South America for the winter.

I’ve been working harder on the little birds the past couple years, and it’s finally paid off in capturing this flycatcher here locally three weeks ago on two different days.Β  Dare I say?Β  πŸ€—πŸ’ƒπŸ€—


Eastern Wood-Pewee (lifer #246)
(Chesapeake Farms)


Eastern Wood-Pewee
(my backyard)


I imagine these two are enroute to South America as I type this!


23 thoughts on “Eastern Wood-Pewee

    • Thank you, Irene! They do blend into the habitat. I have several photos of each bird, when I tried to find it in the photos, I hard a hard time, had to enlarge to find them myself! lol

  1. Very nice Donna! I liked my old home with a fairly large pond! We got deer and a wide variety of small birds and Mallard Ducks visiting our pond. We even had a Great Egret eating our fish. Plus the frogs and my favorites dragonflies & damselflies. One time we even had a bear, which was very very unusual!

    • Thank you, Reed! It was exactly at a pond I saw one of these peewees, had it not been diving for a bug and then returning to its perch, I wouldn’t have seen it. Wow, I would love to have a pond on our property. So much to see, so many visitors! Whoa, a bear is indeed an unusual visitor, very cool!

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