Black-throated Green Warblers – Gallery


I have not seen/heard any Black-throated Green Warblers for over two weeks now, so those passing through our region must have continued south in their migration to Central or South America.

I loved their early morning arrivals in our backyard trees.Β  Here are more of my favorites.


Black-throated Green Warbler (female or immature)


Males have the dark black throat


Female or immature


“On The Wing”




“Where’s Warbler?”
(full frame)


“There he is!”


Resting in partial shade


Two final shots, these were taken at nearby Chesapeake Farms along the auto drive from my car window.


Black-throated Green Warbler’s beautiful backside




Aren’t they a pretty warbler?!!Β  😊  I hope they stop back by this coming Spring!

(My previous post on first seeing these warblers is here if you missed them.)


30 thoughts on “Black-throated Green Warblers – Gallery

  1. Donna, these are beautiful! I’m so impressed with your knowledge and ability to spot all of these different warblers. As I’ve said before, they are much too fast for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Susan! I’m am still in learning-mode with all these little ones, but I’ve got this one down pat now, their daily visits have really helped my memory! πŸ™‚

  2. A very nice gallery to remember the Black-throated Green Warblers passing through your neck of the woods. Love the dive-bomb shot! And the expression on the face of the bug-searcher is priceless. 😊

  3. Wonderful photos! Love the dive and the one male with its neck stretched out as though saying “Look over there!” I also like their dash of yellow. Certainly brightens the surroundings.

  4. Nice series of images Donna! Liked the one where you do not see it’s wings spread out! A very different bird photo view. Also gives the impression of speed! Again very nice!

  5. Warblers are beautiful birds at any angle you see them. I think you’ve just discover gold in these locations. Excellent captures, Donna.

    • Thank you, HJ! I am elated with what I’ve experienced in the past couple months here. I know it’s all about migration and me being on the Chesapeake Bay fly-way. Which means come Spring, it should be a repeat in reverse. 😊

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