Five On The Wing – #18


Another of my five birds in flight series, all taken in recent weeks over our property.

This one has the added bonus theme of all being hawks!  😃

The first two are either a Cooper’s Hawk and/or a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Both of these hawks are so close in looks that I cannot feel 100% sure which either one is, I did give my thoughts on each shot.

If anyone feels confident on identifying either, I’d very much appreciate it!


DSC_7487-1 103121 coop or shrp

Sharp-shinned Hawk
(I’m leaning more to Sharp-shinned Hawk…small head even with wings, square tail, little legs/feet)


DSC_2390-1 102021 coop or shrp

Cooper’s Hawk
(I lean more to Cooper’s Hawk on this one…big legs/feet, big head out forward, white-tipped tail)


DSC_4945-1 100121 broad

Broad-winged Hawk


DSC_7752-1 103121

Red-shouldered Hawk


DSC_4009-1 102721

Red-tailed Hawk

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