1-2-3 Cute As Can Be – #6


Here’s my continuing series of three photos of three of the smaller bird species, being adorably cute!


DSC_8157-1 110121

Tufted Titmouse
5.5-6.3 inches (14-16 cm)


DSC_6569-1 102321

Dark-eyed Junco
5.5-6.3 inches (14-16 cm)


DSC_7780-1 103121

Brown Creeper
4.7-5.5 in (12-14 cm)


34 thoughts on “1-2-3 Cute As Can Be – #6

    • I have never heard one of ours call while climbing, only down on the ground or tree base before climbing. This one I never heard a peep out of it, but it was definitely on the move as I tried to keep up!

      • Donna – A animal will change it’s appearance as a refection of the environment. This is what Darwin studied in the Galapagos. The surrounding environment will over thousands of years alter the genes.
        I assume this fellow is in Australia? By the bird species being different it means “aussiebirder’s” environment is different than yours.
        It’s why humans look so different too, we come from many different environments!

        • Yes, Ashley lives in Australia. His bird is actually called the Australian Treecreeper (sometimes called the Brown Treecreeper). His does look very different from ours, Australia has seven treecreepers total. The U.S. only has the one I’m sharing. πŸ™‚

  1. Such cute little birds, and you captured them well. I saw one tufted titmouse, very briefly, yesterday at our feeder. We very rarely have any, but have lots of juncos, and in the past few days have had lots of cedar waxwings feasting on the berries on our crabapple tree.

    • Thank you, Susan! I’m seeing a lot of juncos too. One single day I kept watching a flock of waxwings fly back and forth, I got distant flight shots, lol. Oh, I hope you’re getting some great shots of them in your crabapple tree!

    • Thank you! My count is based on capturing a photo of the bird to count it. πŸ™‚ It is frustrating when I miss a new bird shot, but I like counting my way. I have proof of every bird I’ve counted! πŸ˜‰

      • It’s an impressive tally! I’ve spotted 28 bird species just in the valley where I live. Of them, there’s only three I haven’t photographed. A type of owl – I hear it often but haven’t gone “hunting” for it, and sparrows and blackbirds – which I haven’t bothered with. I don’t often photograph birds elsewhere generally unless by chance. Because I’m currently somewhat restricted in mobility, I set up a bird-bath on my deck today πŸ™‚

  2. ahhh, the creeper – probably one of the most overlooked (as in missed) birds in the forest. Have a chance from the side with the white underneath showing, but dead on… might as well be a piece of bark. An enjoyable series and with the recent arrival of the juncos to my woods, it is officially the winter season.

    • The creeper is so secretive and quiet moving up, up, up a tree! If I hadn’t seen it drop back down to the ground and start back up another tree, I would have surely missed it. Darn the branches inbetween him and me! πŸ˜‰ The juncos arriving here made me think winter was here too, love seeing them in the snow. But I’m not ready for snow yet!!

    • Thank you, Lizzy! Yes, our Brown Creepers blend in perfectly with the tree bark, I would have missed him if I hadn’t seen him drop down to the ground and start up another tree. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Barbara! Brown Creepers are common throughout the U.S., but they are not easily seen for sure, they blend in quite well with tree bark that they creep up, looking for insects. I got really lucky with this one!

  3. The Tufted Titmouse is so cute!! The Brown Creeper is my nemesis! So far I’ve only got blurry or out of focus shots of them. One day I’ll get a good one! These are a cute and lovely 3!

    • Thank you, Deborah! I have tried so many times in past weeks to get the TT’s side profile to no avail, lol. Re the Brown Creeper, they are fast, and I do believe you’ll get ’em one of these days!!

    • Thank you, Simon! I wanted one of my Titmouses to give me a head side profile shot but they just wouldn’t do it, lol. But that background got my attention with this one so he won on the direct-on shot. 😊

  4. Marvelous capture of the creeper! I’ve yet to spot one though Eric claims to have seen one occasionally. My eyesight probably ain’t up to it. πŸ˜•

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