1-2-3 Cute As Can Be – #7


Ready for three more adorably cute birds?  πŸ˜ƒ  These have the added theme “sparrows” to show some comparisons.


DSC_5410-1 10421

House Sparrow (male)
5.9-6.7 inches (15-17 cm)


DSC_6962-1 102821

Song Sparrow
4.7-6.7 inches (12-17 cm)


How about a pair of playful sparrows!


DSC_7696-1 103121

Field Sparrows
4.7-5.9 inches (12-15 cm)


46 thoughts on “1-2-3 Cute As Can Be – #7

  1. They are really cute, but it’s hard for me to have affection for sparrows after seeing house sparrows drive away our bluebirds from their newly hatched babies last spring. I realize not all sparrows are bad, and your photos definitely show their cuteness!

    • Thanks, Susan! Sorry to hear your problems with House Sparrows. Our neighbor has a problem with Bluebirds taking over their Purple Martin ‘hotel’, keeping the Purple Martins from nesting. πŸ˜•

  2. Lovely series Donna, you have so many different sparrow over there, we only have one introduced species as they were never part of our endemic birds, finches are their closest.

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