Christmas Day Sightings


Enroute to our daughter’s home Christmas morning, there were two wonderful sightings we stopped for photos.

The first was this gorgeous rainbow!


DSC_2455-1 122521

Christmas Day Rainbow


A few minutes later, we could see ahead a beautiful sight of Snow Geese on my side right alongside the road.  We were able to slow down quickly and pull over on the shoulder.  It was perfect for me to shoot from my passenger window as my husband moved along slowly for different angles.


DSC_2472-1 122521

Snow Geese 01


Snow Geese are another excitedly anticipated migrant bird that winters over the mid-Atlantic region by the thousands.  Delaware’s Bombay Hook NWR is seeing high numbers already.


DSC_2550-1 122521

Snow Geese 02


DSC_2490-3 122521

Snow Geese 03


The cloudy skies, faint sun rays, and close-to-me landings provided great composition set-ups.  I went crazy with clicking…..


DSC_2496-1 122521

Snow Geese 04


And crazy here with sharing too many.  🙂


DSC_2466-1 122521

Snow Geese 05


DSC_2526-1 122521

Snow Geese 06


DSC_2462-1 122521

Snow Geese 07


DSC_2595-1 122521

Snow Geese 08


DSC_2559-1 122521

Snow Geese 09


DSC_2499-1 122521

Snow Geese 10


DSC_2591-1 122521

Snow Geese 11


Both the rainbow and Snow Geese were for definitely right place right time moments, and surely a delight to see that morning!


66 thoughts on “Christmas Day Sightings

  1. Amazing captures Donna, what a huge rainbow, captured so well and wow those Snow Geese , just so many, certainly a flock bird 🙂 A great Christmas gift from our Father.

  2. Great captures of the rainbow and the geese.. I still remember the sound of thousands landing or taking flight when I saw them migrating in the spring. Maybe your rainbow is a good sign for the year to come?!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful Christmas gift – a beautiful rainbow topped off with a huge flock of snow geese! All this before even getting to your daughter’s home. I can’t think of a better way to start the day. Thanks for sharing!

      • It stills gives me shivers when I recall the first time I came across a HUGE mob of snow geese and they did that thing where they all take off at the same time…. the sight (a blizzard) and the noise is something I’ll never forget. STILL gives me chills. What a lucky Christmas blessing it must have been for both of you!

  4. These are beautiful photos! I love the wide image size, really capturing all the meat of the photo. The rainbow is so pretty! All the Snow Geese shots are spectacular! The bird’s white plumage really contrast with the brown vegetation and dim sky.

    • Thank you, Simon! What two delights to come upon AND have my camera with me! 😃 AND hubby stop!! 😅 He actually liked seeing and hearing the Snow Geese. They are pretty, and I think the moody skies were a bonus for this encounter.

  5. That rainbow was pretty and the Snow Geese are so cool!! I love seeing them too, but now I have to drive back to Calif. to see them in big groups like this now. What a treat for you on Christmas Day!!

  6. Simply amazing photographs, Donna! We get excited if we see one Snow Goose… I absolutely love seeing such numbers exist and you have captured them so well. Perfect for Christmas!

  7. Awesome shots! I like the ones where you’ve captured the snow geese both on the ground and taking off, or landing! They are beautiful. We used to get some good numbers in the cranberry bogs and reservoirs in NJ.

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