Tundra Swans At Eastern Neck NWR


I mentioned I was going to try to find some time to visit Eastern Neck NWR the week after Christmas.  When I got up the day after Christmas and viewed the weather for the week, I realized my present morning was to be the best weather day for the whole week.

So I shifted gears and took off to the refuge roughly ten miles away for a couple hours to see what I could find.  I was hoping to see Tundra Swans on the water.

They were there!


DSC_0904-1 122621

Tundra Swans


DSC_0911-1 122621

Tundra Swans


DSC_0910-1 122621

Tundra Swans


DSC_0921-1 122621

Tundra Swans


I even witnessed another Tundra Swan squabble.  This time I’ll share the action in a slideshow for a different viewing for you.  😁


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tundra Swan squabble slide show


The temperatures were in the high 40s-low 50s°F that morning at the refuge, it turned into a very enjoyable couple hours.  Very few people were around, so it was awesome to come upon bird sightings just waiting to be seen by me.  Some even allowed me some photo ops. 🤗  Those posts forthcoming!


40 thoughts on “Tundra Swans At Eastern Neck NWR

  1. Bravo! Amazing Tundra Swan shots! Six years ago I saw Tundra Swans near a lighthouse on the Outer Banks. Some were fighting also, and it looked fierce!

    • Thank you, Hien! Cool to see down at the Outer Banks location! For most part, it seems it’s more show and tell, no strikes. Hey, there’s always someone in the crowd who’s gotta show off to let the world know they are there, lol.

  2. Great shots Donna! You’ve discovered what I’ve been doing for 40 years………being by myself with my subject! No humans around! It’s the only way to shoot!
    Those Tundra’s have a shorter thicker neck then Trumpeters.

  3. Did you see any of them with their bands on – they generally have large colored band on their necks about 3-4″ wide. We’ve been getting Tundras passing through and stopping at plowed fields near us and usually getting 2 or 4 of them in the flock sporting numbers. I enjoy submitting their numbers and getting the history on them. Wonderful shots!

    • Thank you! No, none that I’ve photographed have any bands. I’ll keep watching for them, I’d love to be able to report one! I’ve always been interested in hopes of being able to report a banded bird, I got lucky this past Feb 2021 with a banded Brown Pelican in Everglades NWR, got all the numbers in a photo and reported. I got a response back with a certificate, the Brown Pelican was banded in June 2016 in Ocracoke, NJ. It was exciting to me to have been a small part to the world of bird banding data. I am glad you report yours!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Indira! And appreciate your tip on slideshow not working. Are you able to click on the window to see each photo then click again, and so on to see the series? I really do hate trying something new, lol, I worry it might not work.

    • Thank you, Reed! It is very much out of the way for a small refuge. I am still learning where ‘my spots’ are to hang around. I’m excited to experience all the seasons now that we’re living nearby. 🙂

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