More “Snow” Birds


This past Thursday morning we received an additional 3-4 inches of snow along with brutal cold 20-25 mph winds, so it kept the birds hidden in shelter while Governor Mockingbird kept an eye on our backyard.


DSC_2808-1 010722

Northern Mockingbird after fresh new snow
Backyard Governor
“Locals Allowed, Uninvited Removed Immediately”


These are “the Locals” who co-habitat nicely with Mr. Mockingbird.  They were photographed just before our second snowfall.


DSC_2014-1 010322

House Finch (male)


DSC_1958-1 010422

Dark-eyed Junco


DSC_2159-1 010522

Dark-eyed Junco


DSC_2903-1 010722

Yellow-rumped Warbler (female)


DSC_2253-1 010522

Tufted Titmouse


DSC_2174-1 010522

White-throated Sparrow


DSC_2209-1 010522

Northern Cardinal (male)


DSC_2212-1 010522

Northern Cardinal (male)


We climbed in temperatures enough for this afternoon’s precipitation to be all rain.  Our 11-12″ from two snowfalls in past week is almost gone already.  But I’m sure I’ve got at least one more post of birds in the snow.  😏


45 thoughts on “More “Snow” Birds

  1. Snow makes a lovely backdrop to your beautiful bird captures, Donna. All that snow melted rather quickly! We had freezing rain all day and it made a mess of everything out there. Treacherous to boot!

    • Thank you, Eliza! The rain has been steady here this afternoon, so glad it was not freezing rain for us as they were predicting. But in the early morning hours we are going to plummet to below freezing again for couple days so what piled slushy snow is left is going to freeze. Not good traveling conditions in our morning, glad I’m not going anywhere planned. Be safe, your conditions have to be worse I am sure!!

  2. What a great collection! We have all of those except I haven’t seen any yellow rumped warblers in weeks, and very rarely do we see tufted titmice (?). They are great entertainment when the weather keeps us inside.

    • Thank you, Susan! Great entertainment for sure! I tried to go to Eastern Neck NWR several days ago, it was so cold, both my fingers and camera weren’t working well. I gave up and went home. BTW, no Tundra Swans that day, just a couple. 🤔 I was sure the swans would be there to ride out the snow storms.

  3. Beautiful captures, Donna. You still have snow, we have cold weather, in the 20″s F. no chance of snow yet. 🙂

    • Thank you, HJ! The rains yesterday melted most of ‘my’ snow but it got very cold this morning with brutal winds. We’re in for a very cold couple days as well…. 🥶

  4. 👌👌👌📷💖 great job Donna.🌹💕🐦Taking pictures of birds is not an easy discipline. Plus when it’s cold and windy,.

      • I’m counting on chance :). I know a few photographers here who specialize in bird photography. They live in tents, they are invisible as snipers …. the photos are gorgeous. My problem is that I want to take pictures of everything … that’s the only thing I’m not modest about 😁

        • Shhhhh…..telling you early. I got the bird! 😉 My second ‘muse’ of photography is my three grandboys (10, 5, 4). They KNOW Grammy loves to take photos of them, birds, nature. The 5yo is turning 6 next week, it’s his turn to get his first real camera from me, a little Kodak PIXPRO FZ53 with 28-120mm zoom. What fun it’s been to introduce photography and nature to them at a young age! It is amazing how easily they pick up at an early age. 🙂

          • Like my son, he’s a better musician than I am … he’ll be a great photographer soon. On Sunday, for the first time in my life, I gave him an old Yashica and an old film … I wonder what the result will be 😉🌹🌹🌹😘

    • Thank you, Barbara! I am loving the ivy background on my two willow oak trunks. Both trees have a few vines of some type on them, the previous owners cut the base of all of them off and dug them up. Looks like they’ll all still live/rooted on the trunks and branches. The Juncos are in numbers around, and I’ve really delighted in the Tufted Titmouse appearances, I even got a few shots with two in the ivy!

  5. Gorgeous, all of them Donna, but the cardinal steals the show. I think we see the dark-eyed junco and warblers around here. We have so few plants and only baby trees recently planted, that any birds bypass our property and stay at my neighbors.

    • Thank you, Terri! Cardinals do steal the show for me too, I adore them, and red is my favorite color too. 😉 We moved to this house back in September, my husband hates the big trees (leaf raking yuk) but the birds and I are loving them right now!

    • Thank you, Simon! That little junco was just off my deck, I shot it between the rails. I don’t know how many juncos I shot like that, it wasn’t easy and at same time it was fun!

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