Five On The Wing – #23


With my added theme “snow” for this post, I missed the mark on five bird species captured in flight, so I’m only sharing four.  But the final bird has a bonus extra photo to make up for it.  And I think you’ll be delighted with the extra photo of that bird.


DSC_2987-1 010722

Tufted Titmouse
Wingspan 7.9-10.2 inches (20-26 cm)


DSC_2152-1 010522

Dark-eyed Junco
Wingspan 7.1-9.8 inches (18-25 cm)


DSC_2219-1 010522

Northern Cardinal (male)
Wingspan 9.8-12.2 inches (25-31 cm)


DSC_3609-1 011022

Snow Geese
Wingspan 54.3 inches (138 cm)


“Snow Globe”
(click for better details)


52 thoughts on “Five On The Wing – #23

  1. Simply amazing, Donna! Love the snow geese… now you’ve got me longing for places to go again with that many birds. Juncos are hard to capture in flight, too. Brava!

    • Thank you, Lisa! The Snow Geese come to the mid-Atlantic for the winter, we get thousands of them in many flocks along the Eastern Shore of Maryland where there’s nothing but huge farms and marshes for them to enjoy.

  2. Wonderful photos! I haven’t been anywhere to see flocks of snow geese but had about 9 tundra swans come within ‘shooting’ distance of our cove. I need to ‘hit the road’ and the back fields of QAC with my camera.

  3. I so enjoyed each photo of the birds in flight and snow, Donna. And then, just as you predicted, the snow globe was an extra special treat, and very clever. I clicked on the Snow Globe and the layers of birds was astounding. Fun post, and much appreciated.

    • Thank you, Jet! The Snow Geese flock size was crazy amazing, I enjoyed watching them for over an hour. I’m still trying to find someone who wants to count how many they see…. hehe 😉

  4. What an incredible experience, Donna! When I got my Lumix bridge camera in early 2017 (still living in Sacramento) we set out to visit a nearby bird sanctuary where snow geese winter. There was so much rain and water that few of them nested there because the water was too high. I remember from years ago seeing huge flocks of them. But how amazing for you to stand among them and just take it all in. I hope you won’t mind, I am including your link to my Sunday Stulls post this Sunday. My theme is color challenge: white, and my title is “life inside a snow globe.” Too perfect to pass up! Thanks for sharing your fab fowl pics!

    • Thank you, Terri! It was an incredible sight, so glad you’ve seen them years ago, something you just cannot forget. Thank you for the link share too, makes me smile! 🙂 My post tonight shares more photos of all those Snow Geese.

    • Thank you, Mike! I am amazed too that they do not fly hard into each other, causing a traffic collision! I’ve yet to ever see one get knocked down. Aerodynamics, goose-style! 😉

      • I guess it’s similar to a group of marathon runners, who are inches behind those in front and to the side of others. As long as you keep moving forward, at a similar speed, you’ll be OK (as long as one doesn’t suddenly veer off course or tumble to the ground).

        • 👍😁 I am still looking at some of the flight shots and can see some of the geese’s facial expressions, glancing to their left or right for the goose next to them. lol

  5. Yep! You betcha! I am delighted with the extra photo of the snow-goose-blizzard globe! Totally. Isn’t amazing the way they take off like a honking cloud? Or tornado? It’s a sight and sound and feeling I’ll never forget. Your snow globe truly captures the beauty.

  6. Awesome photos! The Junco photo looks almost like a black and white photo! How neat! Oh my goodness! The snow geese photo! Holy cow! So many! No worries about their numbers.

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