Welcome Back, Chesapeake Bay Osprey


Early to mid March is the ‘official’ time the first Osprey return to the Chesapeake Bay, after spending their winter in South America.  By April, they are everywhere, vying for prime nesting locations.

My first sighting greeted me on my arrival to Eastern Neck NWR on March 11th.  Last two days, I saw six each day.


DSC_2624-1 031122



Approximately one-quarter of all Osprey in the contiguous United States nest in the Chesapeake Bay region.

The Center for Conservation Biology estimates the Chesapeake Bay’s current osprey population at eight to 10,000 breeding pairs.  The world population of Osprey is estimated at fewer than 100,000 birds.

Welcome home, Chesapeake Bay Osprey, we have missed you!

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