American Robin Youngster


Curious, young birds are fun to watch as they maneuver around their new world after fledging.

I spotted this young American Robin just outside our garage on the concrete patio.


DSC_1833-1 061422

American Robin youngster


DSC_1834-1 061422

“Feed Me”


It kept standing there, looking at me, begging.  I heard myself say, “Oh sweetie, I am not your Momma.”

I then heard the parent call from the tree, and the little one turned to that direction.  I grabbed this next quick shot and left it be.  I peeked out the window and watched it hop over where Momma swooped down for a feeding.


DSC_1839-1 061422

Sporting new feathers!

Welcome, little one!


40 thoughts on “American Robin Youngster

  1. We’ve had a young blackbird hopping around our garden, seemingly unafraid of our presence. It perched in the tree opposite the back door as I walked out (just a bit more than arms length away) and we stood looking at each other for about a minute before it got bored and flew off to peck at something on the ground. It’s definitely independent now, though we do see (I presume) one of the parents flying around as well.

    • Sure are! 😉 I, too, have had little time for the past two weeks getting out to see the birds, so this little Robin was a delightful treat. I’m going to try to get out next day or so for sure, my birding itch needs to be scratched! 😉

  2. We’ve had robins nest in our garage for several years. Safe and protected. This year they opted for our rhododendron so we can’t really watch the nest but the other day one cutie like yours was hanging out in the lawn before Momma convinced it to hide below the bush. It’s fun to watch them mature.

    • Thank you, Ashley! It just kept looking at me, chirping and begging. So adorable! If only I had had a worm to toss it, that would have made my day to watch it eat it. 🙂

  3. Just last week I found a House Finch fledgling right nest to a feeder and I grabbed than opened my hand and flee in a tree. Then not so long after the whole family was there with him, he was very animated by being found. There must be a nest nearby for that fledgling Robin, sometimes they leave nest to flex their wings and get lost. Thank you, Donna. 🙂

    • Cool story, HJ! Yes, I have at least one Robin’s nest in my backyard (my backyard is almost an acre). In fact, the one I know about near the house has a Common Grackle nest just a few branches over from it. That seems unusual….is it? They don’t seem to clash in my backyard, so I guess those two can co-habitat nicely together. 🙂

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