Blog Commenting Issues


I do not know what is going on with WP, but wanted to let you know that for the past couple weeks I am receiving a few comments on each of my posts as “anonymous” in my comments spam folder, asking that I approve them, which I do, then I reply.  But I do not know who I am replying to.  I also do not believe you are getting your replies from me as you used to.

I have also been leaving comments on some of your blogs that I think are also going to you as anonymous, possibly going to your comments spam folder. I’m told to log in to my account, but the comment still doesn’t show up.  I do not hear back from you on what I said, which is not necessary, but I know some of you would reply.  This is the case on some blogs.  Most of them, I am not having a problem leaving a comment.

I do not know what to do about this.  I’ve read on other blogs of others having these same issues.

Does anyone know what is going on?  WP Chat has been useless for me.

So sorry to those of you who think I’ve not been visiting, “liking” or “commenting” lately, I have been!!!

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