Golden Eagle

When we moved to our present home 14 months ago, I learned that a migrant Golden Eagle was often seen soaring in our area during the winter.  I was always on the look-out; but by Spring 2022, I never scored a sighting.

The Golden Eagles have returned, with one being reported near me a few times in the past several weeks.  You can bet I’ve had my eye to the sky ever since!

Couple days ago heading home from errands through that approximate area, I saw a very large, dark bird soaring with Turkey Vultures that ‘looked different’.

Could it be??? 

I quickly pulled over and was out of my car in a flash with my binoculars and camera.



DSC_8720-2 112922

Golden Eagle – lifer #291/photographed lifer #271


Before I shared this, I had my ID confirmed by three pro-birders.  I wanted to be sure!

Thank you for letting me share my excitement!  🤗💃😊

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