Five On The Wing – #32


Adding to my series of five bird species in flight! 


DSC_1769-1 032122

Belted Kingfisher (female)


DSC_6432-1 102221

Blue Jay


WadsleyD EMeadowlark 120522 DSC_9086

Eastern Meadowlark


DSC_6591-1 041222



DSC_7680-1 110922

Eastern Bluebird


If I had wings,
Then I could fly.
I’d spread my wings,
I’d span the sky.

If I had wings,
I’d feel so free.
My friend, would you
Come fly with me?

The wind would surely lift us high,
Far above the clouds.
If I had wings, I’d fly with you,
Far from all the crowds!

– Author Unknown



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