Tundra Swans at Sunrise

Numbers have increased in the past month on the arctic Tundra Swans wintering around the Chesapeake Bay.  They have started to come in closer to the shorelines at Eastern Neck NWR, yay!

I encountered this small group at sunrise this past Wednesday alongside the road at the refuge, photographed from my car window.  What a beautiful set-up, I took over 60 photos!

I’ll spare you with three of my favorites. 😉


DSC_1662-1 011123

Tundra Swans


DSC_1665-1 011123

Tundra Swans


DSC_1678-1 011123

Tundra Swans
(there’s got to be a great caption on the center pair in this scene!)


58 thoughts on “Tundra Swans at Sunrise

    • Thank you, Jane! I could have sat there and spent the whole morning just watching and listening to them.
      Oh, I just loved your latest post on the hoar frost and am glad to see you out and about with nature. We rarely see hoar frost here. Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you, Steve! There was actually a 6th swan off to the right of the scene who I waited for, hoping it’d get into the photo shoot. But it went instantly to sleep and didn’t want to be bothered with the others trying to decide who got to sit on the island, lol.

  1. Good looking settings, and the Tundra Swans, the birds are handsome. Good work, Donna. 🙂

      • Let me tell a story, years ago I was playing golf with some friends, the field had many Canada Geese, just trying to get something to eat. It was my turn to shoot the ball and after I did one goose took of flying. I was following the ball flight, the I said loud, DUCK – Duck. The ball hit the big goose and startled went down. My friend, laughed so hard, one said is not a duck it is a goose!. I said duck because he was going to be hit by the ball, I was wishing him to duck, not to get hit! The is an anecdote that happened in my life. 🙂 Thank you, Donna. Can you edit the comment, please? 🙂

  2. Beautiful photographs, Donna!

    For the second image: “Now, you tell your brother and sister you’re sorry for calling them Ugly Ducklings!”

    • Thank you, Ellen! That little cove by the roadside is a gem of a spot, especially if you’re the first to the refuge and don’t spook what’s there. I’m good at sneaking up with my car, lol.

  3. Well, I failed to get a Tundra before the counter reset. Hoping to get that missed addressed in the new year. Thanks for giving me inspiration.

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