1-2-3 Birds and Berries – #5

It’s about time to share more bird captures with berries as an added bonus in the composition!


DSC_0832-1 022322

American Robin


DSC_9777-1 120521

Yellow-rumped Warbler


DSC_8744-1 020922

White-throated Sparrow


DSC_6593-1 102321

Chipping Sparrow


DSC_8238-1 112222

Northern Mockingbird


DSC_9744-2 120321

European Starling


32 thoughts on “1-2-3 Birds and Berries – #5

    • Getting the Starling and Grackle iridescence aren’t always easy, so it’s great when you get the lighting just right. Yes, Robins are in huge groups everywhere around us. Heading home to their stomping grounds to get those worms!

  1. These are beautiful, Donna! You could use them to make a bird calendar. 🙂 Your camera does a good job focusing on the birds in spite of having twigs in front of them.

  2. “The Spring Collection”

    Find the berries, find the birds. And – you did!
    Thank you for sharing a terrific series of excellent photographs, Donna!

  3. These are wonderful photos, Donna. It’s always fun to watch birds gobble down berries. It makes me wish that we had planted many more berry-bearing shrubs years ago. We are trying to make up for that oversight now, but it takes a while for them to bear fruit.

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