1-2-3 Medium Bird Jubilee – #16

As the birds get a little bigger, they get a littler easier on snapping a shot before they take flight.  Here’s a series of my lucky favorite shots of some medium-sized birds from the past couple months.

First, some side-by-side comparisons of a male and female in a species.

(click on side-by-side images for more details)

Northern Cardinals


Eastern Bluebirds


Red-winged Blackbirds


Brown-headed Cowbirds


Blue Grosbeaks


This next bird species, the Dickcissel, was considered a rare sighting for our area.  We had a flock come through, I was able to hear at least eight of them singing from their hidings.  This one finally popped up way out in the field.



A few more birds!

Northern Mockingbird


Grey Catbird


American Robin


Mourning Dove


American Crow


Baltimore Oriole


Orchard Oriole


Cedar Waxwing


Yellow-breasted Chat




Brown Thrasher


Blue Jay


Eastern Kingbird


Whew, that was a lot of medium-sized birds, thank you for viewing!


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