Red-tailed Hawks

While driving a back road, I saw a pair of Red-tailed Hawks perched up in a tree coming up on my left with their backs to me.

Getting my lens up and ready, the hawk on the top branch turned around to look at me, and then the body turned.  Darn, I wasn’t intending to disrupt them.

I scrapped the “pair-together” shot and quickly zoomed for a possible launch that happened just as quick!


Red-tailed Hawk launching into flight


Not letting off the trigger, I stayed with the hawk, hoping I was maintaining focus for at least one good shot, it happened so fast.  Oh, it was a ‘lucky-me’ moment!


Red-tailed Hawk in flight


The hawk quickly hooked a hard left towards me to get a good, close look at who this big-eyed creature was staring at it, much to the pleasure of this lens holder!





I went back to find the second hawk still sitting up in the tree, giving me the eye for ruining their moment.


Red-tailed Hawk

Had I made note who was the largest when I first saw the pair in the tree, I would have known which one was the female, who is 25-30% larger than the male.

I got the hint from the stink-eye and pulled away with my apologies!  🙂


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