A Symbolic Bird Visit

Well, hello there!  It’s been a long while since my last post.  Just too much going on that’s not allowing any blogging time, and I’ve missed so many of yours, so sorry!  The down time has all been good, including lots of sleep-overs with our grandboys.  Other good news will be forthcoming maybe in another month or so….

With all the good, exhaustive chaos, I’ve had little time to get out with nature.  My early mornings with coffee/birding in my backyard has had to suffice to keep me birding-happy.  I did finally make it out two early mornings this past week to the refuge and farm that were just awesome.

Yesterday morning, having spent an enjoyable 45 minutes on my deck with my coffee and counting birds (25 species!), I stopped my time and turned to go back into the house.  I glanced up to see what might be flying overhead before walking in and saw a white pigeon sitting on our roof, watching me.  I froze, admiring its beauty.  I wondered how long it had been there.  It just kept watching me, so I slowly brought up my camera to get some shots.


Rock Pigeon




I stepped under the roof eave, thinking just how wonderful that sighting was for me.  I waited a few seconds and stepped slowly back out to view it again, and the pigeon was gone.

White pigeons are unique birds with powerful symbolisms of peace, fertility, purity, and prosperity.  They are also considered to be a symbol of the holy spirit, adding to their spiritual significance.  It was a perfect-timing visit for me!

And those recent grandboys’ visits?!!  Here’s a good laugh of hubby and I after they leave each time!  🤪🤣


But, boy, do we have fun while they are here!


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