Now Those Chicks Are Vocal!

Thankfully, our osprey family has survived these last few days of severe storms, and both parents have been seen rebuilding and adding to the nest to keep it strong.

Has anyone walked by our osprey nest and noticed how much more vocal our chicks are now?  Parents Olivia and Ollie don’t seem to mind too much of walkers or boats passing by, but the chicks just don’t like it!  They have become quite protective of their nest now; which is great, they do need to show their aggressiveness for territory and personal protection.  They even let me know if they don’t like me taking their picture or watching them through binoculars!  No wonder, their eyesight is 3-5 times greater than a humans.

A couple nights ago at dusk I captured the entire family on Lippincott’s channel marker…..hmmmmm a nice large strong nest and all four are crowded on that one marker just hanging out.  I thought it was a bit comical!

Here’s a photo of one of the chicks landing on one of our community’s chimneys.  I’ve seen them land on this one chimney several times in the last week; but there’s another osprey family on a Kent Narrows channel marker and one of them usually chases the chick away.  I guess that other family considers that chimney and roof their territory.  Our chick high-tails it back to his nest every time!

We haven’t witnessed any of the chicks bringing any fish to the nest themselves yet.  But they are practicing beautiful aerials with direct dives downward and then swooping back up before hitting the water.  It won’t be long before they bring home their own first catch!  Here’s a photo of dad Ollie bringing in a fish for one of the chicks.  If you can tell, notice the fish’s head is missing.  I’ve read that the parent will at times eat the fish’s head while enroute back to the nest before passing it on to the family.  Ollie has consistently done this, but I’ve noticed Olivia consistently brings a full fish.

Once Ollie dropped the fish to the chick, he took back off and did a sweep of the water.  Probably washing his feet of that stinky fish!  🙂 LOL

Finally, I thought this was nice.  We had a momma mallard duck and her 15 ducklings swim across to our grassy area under the osprey nest from Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, spend 15 minutes hiding in the flowers, and then she quacked them back over the berm and into the water for the long swim back to CBEC.  Those poor little ducklings had a rough time climbing up and down the berm rocks, but they all made it!  Here’s their family photo…

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