Let’s Go Diving!

The humidity has risen again with temps in the mid to upper 90’s and the heat indexes registering over 100 degrees in our area.  Our osprey chicks continue to immerse themselves in the water below the nest to stay cool as well as learn the skill of diving.   Can’t blame them!!  Two nights ago, I got a nice photo of one of the chicks who left the nest and flew down to the rock berm below.

After a few minutes, he flew directly to the water and dropped in for a quick cool-off and flew back up to the nest.

Last night, I noticed the two chicks standing on the nest’s edge peering down to the water.  With a blink of an eye, one chick jumped and dove straight down to the water with such a force.  Just as quickly, he lifted back up and landed on the nest.  He did this four more times, it was captivating to watch.  I put together a short sequence of one of the dives.

What strength the chicks have attained since fledging less than two weeks ago!  Finally, tonight I got some shots of mom Olivia bringing in a fish to one of the chicks.

What ensued thereafter was something!  The following photos show the chick almost attacking the fish trying to take it from Olivia, but he caught her foot by accident.  Notice in the last two photos how the chick bowed down and away from glaring Olivia.  Once the chick stayed calm and looking away, Olivia dropped the fish and took off the nest.

I bet the chick doesn’t do that again!  🙂

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