Our Family’s Upcoming Migration

Even though our osprey family are scarce on their nest, I have seen the chicks do an occasion drop-by for a visit and rest or to eat their dinner.  I still have not witnessed a chick bringing a fish to the nest; but by this time, they should be mastering their fishing skills to perfection.  Here’s one of the chicks leaving the nest with his dinner, he had been watching the sky while hovering over his fish and must have felt threatened by something.

I have seen either Ollie or Olivia several times roosting in a tree across at CBEC.  With the haze, I couldn’t get a clear enough view each time to confirm which it was but I haven’t seen them both together perched.  As is the usual pattern, the migration instinct will soon draw Olivia any day now in these next few weeks to leave her family and us to migrate south for the winter.  Ollie will hang around to oversee the final 3-4 weeks of the chicks’ lives, making sure they have their necessary survival skills and their migration instincts kick in.  Once our final chick leaves for migration in September, Ollie will begin his own journey.  Please check out Lisa at Friends of Blackwater’s recent blog where she discusses the osprey migration in further detail.

Lisa also discusses the perils of plastic and trash to the osprey, and featured a picture I had sent her of our Ollie when he had a major entanglement with a plastic shopping bag that had been brought as nesting material on April 6 of this year.  I watched him for several minutes as he fought to get the bag handle off his neck.  Unsuccessful, Ollie took flight, circled around, landing back on the nest, and then off again to the sky and out of my sight.  Here are a few photos, sorry they aren’t too clear.

I will admit I panicked, I didn’t know what to do (except scream for my husband!).  I just stood and watched in horror as he flew away.  I waited (and said a couple little prayers) for over a half hour when out of the sky Ollie came cruising back to the nest bag-free!  Thankfully!!  He remained at the nest for awhile, I imagine for a much deserved rest from all the turmoil.

Here’s a cute photo from a couple days ago of one of our chicks on the nest, who I was sure was going to fall off or the branch break!  LOL   But she didn’t…..  🙂

This morning, I happen to see one of the parents land on the nest and immediately both chicks were in the area and descending onto their nest as well.  I was not able to distinguish which parent was there, but he/she took back off when the chicks landed, as if there was no space with all the wings flapping and excitement landing.  A fish was not brought to the nest.  Here’s a photo of our two chicks after the parent flew off and over to CBEC.  For a little comparison, I followed that photo with two photos back from May 29 & 30 when our chicks were oh-so tiny and fragile. Can you believe how much they have grown?!  It is amazing!!

Finally, a quick note, Lisa at Blackwater did review many photos I sent of our chicks alongside the parents to try and guess the chicks’ genders.  It was very difficult and I’m not sure we were clearly able to guess, but it appears we may have at least one female and one male each or both could be female.  No matter, we love them both!

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