Winter Has Arrived

Our cold winter has arrived, along with the influx of migrating waterfowl of all kinds.  Within sight of our nest, we have had geese, buffleheads, loons, redheads, tundra swans, canvasback, ruddy ducks, and more swimming and searching our calm shallow waters for food and shelter.  In addition, our nest continues to be a regular perch for a pair of eagles that nest over at CBEC.  What a beautiful, patriotic sight they are!  Here’s a sequence of photos of one of them fluffing his feathers in the cold brisk wind.

At least he looked warmer all puffed up that cold day!  🙂  Another day, I took more photos of one of the pair again on our nest.

A week ago, the high winds and low temperatures created beautiful ice mounds on our rocks at the base of the nest.  I took the following photo December 16, the morning of our first snow dusting that day.

By late afternoon, we had about 1-2 inches of  snow in the area….and on our osprey nest.

The next morning’s sunrise shined crisp and cold on our osprey nest.

Finally, a photo of one of the visiting geese at the base of the nest.  He was the ‘looker’ and caught me watching them.  He didn’t seem to mind!

The holidays are upon us!  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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