Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday week!  The new year is here, and the migrating waterfowl continue to arrive and settle in and around our area.  I haven’t captured much activity at our osprey nest since my last posting, but got lucky Christmas Eve Day with a pair of eagles!

Christmas Eve we had the following sunset over Kirwan Creek, Kent Island.  I love sunsets year-round but the winter ones can be much more brilliant.  The ‘lines’ in the clouds are from airplanes taking off from one of the Washington DC airports.

Yesterday, the mallards were abundant.  In the first photo, that is a female mallard (with the blue speculum) that the male mallard is watching land to him.

After photographing these, my husband and I visited Blackwater NWR.  I got some great photos and will post them later today!

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