January Is Cold To Us But…

Yes, January’s been cold to us, but it doesn’t bother the present waterfowl, to them it is probably like a warm vacation from their northern summer home!  We’ve had a lot of Canadian geese this month, sleeping right around the nest and community coves, swimming by, or actually coming on land in our community.

Pairs of buffleheads have been frequent as well at the base of the nest, diving and eating.  They are so striking with their black and white contrast.  The males look as if they have on a tuxedo!

There was also a large raft of canvasbacks over in Marshy Creek one evening a week and a half ago.  There were hundreds!

We are fortunate to have the pair of eagles from CBEC continue to visit our osprey nest for our viewing pleasure.  I was lucky to capture them screeching at another pair of eagles that were flying around the entrance to the Narrows Channel.   They do seem to think the osprey nest is their territory….until Oliver and Olivia return!

The pair on our nest stayed until the other pair left the channel marker and flew southwest towards Kent Island.  Then the pair on our nest flew back over to CBEC to roost in a tree.

Have you experienced awesome sunsets recently?  They are so much more brilliant at this time of year.  Here’s a couple recent ones…

Finally, I had a chance to visit Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge this past Saturday and I have uploaded my favorite shots to the Blackwater photo gallery.  If you can visit, your chances are great on seeing numerous eagles there now.  In addition, check out the excitement on their live cam on their eagle nest, the female eagle just recently laid two eggs with the possibility of a third egg any time now.

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