Mother Nature Is Teasing Us….

From 50-60 degree temps to two inches of snow, what a week of teasing by Mother Nature!  This week we had those cute little buffleheads diving around the nest and berms almost daily, there must be some good feeding at the bottom.  Canadian geese are making their way through our area as well as they head back north.  Earlier Tuesday morning I watched a lone male greater scaup casually swimming along the berm, rounding the osprey nest.

As he past on by, he had two tundra swans making their way towards him and the nest.  Neither were fazed by the other…

Once the swans rounded the nest, they suddenly turned to their right and headed over to CBEC for the morning.  I watched them for a several minutes as they bobbed their heads and talked to each other.  Such a cool & peaceful sighting!

Following this post, I loaded another photo gallery of mallards and ducklings.  The babies are just too cute.

February is winding down.  March is almost here.  The return of our osprey…..  They should be on their way back!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature Is Teasing Us….

  1. Hi Donna: I too saw that scaup on Tuesday from our townhouse window and appreciate your help with ID. It helped build my confidence a bit as duck ID continues to be shakey. Enjoying your photos immensely and so glad you get as much joy out of what you do. It’s catching! Priscilla

    • Hi Priscilla, I am glad you are enjoying my photos, thank you! I took a Waterfowl ID one-night class over at CBEC last fall which helped me greatly, but I still pull my two ID books out to confirm many so I’m not ID’ing incorrectly. Of course, I could still be mistaken, hope someone corrects me if I do! I have even sent photos to my friend Lisa at Blackwater Refuge to help or reconfirm a couple IDs. 🙂 We are so lucky to see so many different waterfowl year round, and I still get amazed each day. Donna

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