Osprey Sightings in Chesapeake Bay Area

I’ve heard through the Univ. of North Carolina osprey migration forum that osprey sightings have occurred around the lower part of the Chesapeake Bay and along the Potomac River this past week.  A bit early, but still an exciting sign that our ospreys will be here any time now, so keep your eyes to the sky and nest!  Last year, I have photos of our osprey pair back on their nest together on March 18.  Our female, Olivia, had been sighted five days earlier.  Usually the female returns to her summer nest first, so we shall see if she makes it back first again this year!

This past week has been a windy one.  High enough winds to have waves and white-caps at the nest….

We also had an interesting creature swimming quite fast past our nest point late one evening, by the time I spotted it was something quite different and grabbed my camera, he had swiftly passed by and was headed to the Kent Narrows channel.  With binoculars, it appeared to be a beaver.  Here’s two photos of him, both not the greatest.

Never know what you might see around the Oyster Cove osprey nest!

We’ve also had a small number of coots and scaups actually feeding at the base of the nest.  The two groups mingled without any harassment.  Keeping on the move, they grouped together as one and headed over to Marshy Creek.

A female scaup stretching her wings….

With spring and our osprey around the corner, all is good!  And keep an eye to the sky for Oliver and Olivia.  If you’re in our community and see an osprey on our nest, send me an email about the sighting (photos too if you get any) and I’ll post them quickly.

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