Osprey Sighting in Grasonville, Maryland

Although we haven’t had a sighting yet of our osprey pair, Oliver or Olivia, it’ll be any day now.  With all the sightings reported in the lower Chesapeake Bay, this week I kept checking some of the regular osprey perches in our immediate area.  Late yesterday afternoon, I saw my first osprey of the season!  If you travel the Rt. 50 corridor stretch through Grasonville, you’ve probably noticed the two well-established osprey nests sprawled up over the two three-lane highways on the Exit 44A signs.  There patiently sitting on one of the nests was a lone osprey, resting and waiting for his/her mate to return.  Spring is Here!  🙂

The next photo shows the above nest’s three fledgings from last year.  Unfortunately, one did not survive colliding with a vehicle while in the early stages of learning to fly to and from the nest.  🙁   The perils of nature and the human race….

This past winter, our osprey nest took another beating from mother nature.   I thought it’d be interesting to compare photos of our nest from the end of last season and it’s condition today.

Oyster Cove Osprey Nest - September 2010

Oyster Cove Osprey Nest - March 2011

As always each spring, our returning osprey pair will have a lot of work ahead of them to rebuild their home.  I can just hear Olivia exclaiming when she arrives in the next few days, “Just look at this place!”

With little else to report on our nest, I thought I’d share some shots of Canadian snow geese I took this week on my way to work.  They are quite pretty in flight.

I expect to be posting again any day once I or a community neighbor has spotted the return of Oliver or Olivia.  Send your sighting date/time to donna@parkwayfloors.com and I’ll post immediately.  If you should capture a photo, send and I will post it too.   Once our pair is back, I hope to enlighten you a couple times a week with photos and happenings as the season progresses with Oliver and Olivia and their offspring.  Happy Osprey Sighting!

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