Another Osprey – Is It Olivia?

I kept an eye out most of the day yesterday and did not see an osprey on our nest, only a large black bird twice and a seagull.  Maybe my sighting Saturday was a transient just stopping for a rest.

And then this morning at dawn, we had a female osprey on the nest.  You can tell it’s a female by the speckled chest or ‘necklace’ she has.  A male is only faintly spotted.  Is this Olivia??  I’m not sure as yet, but if she continues to revisit the nest, I will review photograph comparisons between last year’s and more photos I capture.   I took most shots through my glass slider so she wouldn’t see me.  She stayed for a few minutes, started chirping and then took flight up and over our community.

I can’t wait to get home from work and see if she’s still around.  (yes I’m blogging at work to put the word out….ssshhhh don’t tell the boss!)  🙂  Check back and I’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “Another Osprey – Is It Olivia?

  1. Cool. My wife and I were at Blackwater last night and saw a couple on the nest right as you enter Wildlife Drive. They seem intent on rebuilding as we watched and photographed. We didn’t see any other activity on the other nests and the cam platform but we have at least one couple. Hope to see more soon

    Happy Shooting!!

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