Another Osprey – Is It Olivia?

I kept an eye out most of the day yesterday and did not see an osprey on our nest, only a large black bird twice and a seagull.  Maybe my sighting Saturday was a transient just stopping for a rest.

And then this morning at dawn, we had a female osprey on the nest.  You can tell it’s a female by the speckled chest or ‘necklace’ she has.  A male is only faintly spotted.  Is this Olivia??  I’m not sure as yet, but if she continues to revisit the nest, I will review photograph comparisons between last year’s and more photos I capture.   I took most shots through my glass slider so she wouldn’t see me.  She stayed for a few minutes, started chirping and then took flight up and over our community.

I can’t wait to get home from work and see if she’s still around.  (yes I’m blogging at work to put the word out….ssshhhh don’t tell the boss!)  🙂  Check back and I’ll keep you posted!

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