A Few More Osprey Sightings….

Things are still somewhat quiet here at the Oyster Cove osprey nest and surrounding area as the spring season descends upon us.  Since Tuesday morning’s nest sighting, it wasn’t until this morning at dawn that I saw another osprey on the nest, again a female.  It was still a bit dark so the photo is terrible which makes it difficult to confirm if this female is the one I photographed Tuesday.

I’ve been watching our pair’s past season’s favorite perches on the channel markers and the trees over at CBEC and haven’t spotted an osprey; I had wondered that if Olivia was in the area, she might be keeping an eye on the nest from a distance while she waited for Oliver to appear.  In the last couple days in the area but away from our nest, I have seen three other osprey sightings, two that had a fish in their grip heading somewhere safe to enjoy.  So the osprey are definitely arriving for the season.

Still never a dull moment with our wildlife here, these last two days I did see a bald eagle over at CBEC….

along with a seagull on our nest and coots feeding at the base.

I understand it’s late in the season to see canvasback in our area, but we did have a small raft feeding in Marshy Creek out past our nest Tuesday evening.

Until next time, enjoy the upcoming gorgeous weather!

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