Gettin’ Down To Business

Not wasting any time, Oliver and Olivia have gotten down to business quickly, with some great bonding and home rebuilding.  From yesterday to today, notice between the next two photos taken early yesterday morning to those that follow from today on how much the nest has changed.

In the next series of photos from today, for some reason Olivia did not approve of the long stick hanging on the nest.  She flew off to retrieve it and bring it back to the nest to redistribute it to her liking.

When Olivia brought the stick to the top of the nest to drop down on it, she almost impaled herself and fell off to the side of the nest…

She luckily pulled away and off the nest, leaving an entangled section hanging.  She came right back to the nest and started to rearrange when the section went crashing into the water below.

Olivia peered over the side at the water below but didn’t attempt to retrieve them.  I think she had had enough of that for a while!  Oliver showed up shortly thereafter with dinner, which she took quickly and flew off to eat alone.  Notice Oliver ate the head of the fish before bringing Olivia her portion.

To help identify Oliver and Olivia, the next photo shows their size and the chest speckling.  The female osprey is larger than the male and usually has more chest markings.  Our Olivia is on the right, Oliver on the left.

Finally, I wanted to share the next photo to show Oliver and Olivia already have their home tenant for the season.  Olivia is giving him a stern look before he flew into the bottom of the nesting material to the nest he is tending to.

Until next post, Happy Spring!

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