Welcome Back Oliver & Olivia!

As those who live in the community already know from all the kew-kew-kew-kew noise yesterday, Oliver and Olivia are back home from their winter migration!  The minute I stepped out of my car, I could hear a loud ruckus.  I found Oliver and Olivia dog-fighting with another osprey pair over the nest.  The other pair would try to come close to land, but neither Oliver nor Olivia would allow it and chases entailed.  The two other osprey gave up and flew together over to CBEC.  I wondered if they were the pair that had lost their nest last summer during a violent storm and were looking to relocate.

Although noisy, we are glad to see our pair back.  Both look to be in great shape.  And by the size of this freshly caught fish Olivia brought to the nest, hungry too!

A little later Oliver brought a tiny fish to the nest, and Olivia must not have been impressed.  He landed and then took off with it while she chattered at him.  Maybe she was telling him, “Is that what you call dinner?”

Oliver and Olivia also wasted no time in bonding, I saw them mating three times in just a couple of hours!

At the end of the evening, they were both perched on Lipincott’s channel marker, a favorite of theirs……

while they watched the sun set on a gorgeous “Return of the Osprey” day.

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