As We Wait for Oliver & Olivia’s Hatching

Oliver and Olivia continue to support each other and protect their nest as they head into their final days before the hatching of their clutch.   Here’s a changing of the guard, as Olivia takes off for a break while Oliver prepares to take her spot. 

In the next photo, Oliver had brought Olivia a fish but she didn’t budge off her clutch nor try to take it from Oliver.  So Oliver took off with it to enjoy for himself.  At least he offered it to Olivia first!

As Olivia returns to the nest and inspects her clutch, Oliver tends to a stick that needed an apparent adjustment.

The following is a cute photo of Oliver (right) and Olivia (left) together inspecting their clutch.  I wonder if they can hear anything from the egg(s)….

Another photo, this one capturing a shot of their tenant who lives in the bottom of the nest.  🙂 

The osprey population in our area has increased these last several years, which is great news.  As the young osprey return to their area of birth, they must find a mate and a location to start a nest and take up residence.  It appears we have a pair that have gotten a nest started on the Kent Narrows channel marker.  We have both that pair and another pair from CBEC that continue to harrass Oliver & Olivia.  Here’s  a shot of the pair from CBEC on the newly constructed osprey nest platform.  I can’t tell if they’ve been successful in starting their own nest yet.  It must be enticing to want to try and steal a great home nest like Oliver has built and not start from scratch!

This past Saturday I was able to take a trip down to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, where it is always a treat to see beauty untouched.  I’ve uploaded my best to my BNWR photo gallery page for your enjoyment.   Here’s a couple shots:

If you visit the BNWR photo gallery page, you will see a sequence of this Great Blue Heron trying to devour his large catch.  It took him 12 minutes…..

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for Oliver and Olivia’s adventures while they bring their new family into our big world.

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