An Osprey Chick Sighting!

I have finally seen at least one tiny little head reaching up for a feeding from momma!  For the past week,  our osprey parents have often been seen peering down into their nest from the sides.

Olivia seems at ease and is mostly tending to the chick(s) by either keeping them warm, giving them open-air time, and feedings.   But when she leaves to take a break, left dad Oliver always looks as if he’s still surprised or bewildered with what he sees down in the nest, and will anxiously look at Olivia flying away into the distance as if to say, “Hurry back, this is your job!”.   🙂  If it’s been more than a few minutes, Oliver starts low chirping, trying to call Olivia back.

Olivia is never gone for long, I’m sure much to Oliver’s relief.  He’s been a great partner and dad so far, and he has his own duties of nest protection from intruders, keeping the nest strong & tidy, and bringing fish to Olivia.

Ospreys usually have 2-4 chicks a year.  Oliver & Olivia’s largest brood that I’m aware of is three.  We now know we have one chick.  Around May 10-12, a second egg would have hatched.  Around May 15-17, a possible third hatching did/will occur.  With binoculars, I’ve watched numerous feedings and have seen Olivia passing fish pieces to what appears to be at least two chicks by the way she dips to one side or the other back and forth.  Here are some photos of different feedings.  On some, you can tell the nest cup within the nest is down deep by how far down Olivia has to feed.

Here’s some great wing shots of our osprey parents.  The first one is Oliver, the second and third one are Olivia.  I love how the very early rising sun shined on Olivia in the third one.

Some final photos from this past week, this one of Oliver doing a fly-by me…..

And Olivia taking one of her meals off to enjoy alone.

Beautiful feathers!

And finally, Olivia skirting the water on another break to stretch her wings…. and wash her feet!

I’ll keep my watch and hope I can upload a glimpse very soon of our new babies!

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