Osprey Chicks Lifting Off Nest

Our osprey chicks are now releasing their talons from the nest while they practice their flapping and are now lifting off a couple inches, then immediately dropping back down.  It looks as if they are hopping around, creating havoc with those large wings.  Their faces show a look of surprise and possibly a bit of fear!  Yesterday evening I watched mom Olivia being slapped over and over again, but she took it all in stride.  Her kids need to practice, flight day is just around the corner!

With all that hopping and jumping, the nest is taking a bit of a beating.  Every so often while bouncing, a stick or two will fall to the water.  Our dad Oliver is on top of the maintenance, bringing more every day!

Careful Dad of the kids!

Mom Olivia had taken a break from the nest, but was right behind Oliver in returning home.

Next photo shows a full house and Oliver’s architectural talent to date!

Oliver still has a taste for other nest decor besides sticks.  Couple days ago did anyone see the aluminum foil in the nest?  It got tucked down inside before I got a photo.

More nesting material!

When Oliver’s not building, he’s fishing and delivering.  He is one busy, busy dad!

I’ve read that a parent brings an average of 5-7 fish a day for a two-chick osprey brood that’s close to fledging.  Plus they each need to fish to feed themselves.  Good thing we have great fishing in the area!

A final photo of Olivia and her teenagers.  🙂  In this shot you can see the kids eyes are more brighter & orange in comparison to Olivia’s.  These will change with time and become more like mom’s.

As we head into the holiday weekend, everyone have a great time and please be safe.  Happy 4th of July! 

(Photo is of Oyster Cove’s new community flag recently donated and hung.  It’s beautiful, thank you community neighbors, the Shapiro’s!)

8 thoughts on “Osprey Chicks Lifting Off Nest

  1. These are fantastic photos. Thank you!

    I once watched a male osprey bring a large stick to a nest with a female on it. As he approached, she started screeching very loudly at him. Universal language for “get that crap outta here!” He took it away, dropped it, and went off to find a better one. I had to feel a little bad for the poor guy, but I understood her sentiment exactly!

    • That is so funny! I know our Olivia is very vocal with Oliver, once he’s made a drop of a fish or a stick, she screechs, “go, go….more, more!” and won’t stop til he leaves. Especially when he brings a little fish! LOL

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