Oyster Cove Osprey Family Still Missing

It’s been a week since my last post, and each day since then I’ve been hoping to see our osprey family back on the nest and be able to share some antics and photos with you.  There have been numerous osprey flying in our area, but unfortunately I haven’t seen any of them hang near or land on the nest but one time; and it was a touch-down and quick lift-off as if it wasn’t his nest, as if just checking it out.  And those I’ve watched with binoculars in the sky have all been adults, no juvenile chicks.  I‘ve been a bit worried on the total family disappearance, as this didn’t happen with our osprey family the past two year’s I’ve watched them.

So I wrote to Lisa, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge’s osprey & eagle expert and webmaster, with my notes and concerns.  She responded, “If all of them have gone, then it’s likely they’re hanging out somewhere together….maybe they found a good fishing spot somewhere nearby.  It does seem odd that the chicks would have become that independent that quickly.  If they’re not coming back to the nest…..then maybe they have moved their action elsewhere, near a good fishing hole.”

Hopefully, they have done just that and are all safe with full bellies.  I do hope they return to their home base before migration in September, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.  If anyone in the community sees any nest action with our osprey family, please send a comment or write me at bayphotosbydonna@gmail.com, it’d be much appreciated by all of us wondering and worrying!

So what have I been photographing these past two weeks?  🙂

I’ve noticed Green herons have been abundant for some reason recently.  During my early morning look-outs, it’s been easy to see at least one each time, and one morning I watched six flying and playing along around the base of our osprey nest.

I got lucky again with capturing lightning during that thunderstorm that roared towards us from the western shore on July 25.  The land in the background is Kent Island.

Another shot of one of my evasive hummingbirds….they are so fast!  I know I have at least three visitors, with a visit from one of them every 10-20 minutes now.  They always chase each other away, trying to control the feeder as their own.  They are an enjoyment to watch.  I’d highly recommend a hummingbird feeder to anyone who has a place for one where you can easily observe, especially through a window.

We visited friends who have a beach house along the Nanticoke River; and this morning I was lucky to capture the following photos of a protective mother Great Egret with her baby high in a pine tree, as well as another adult Great Egret along their pond.

Finally, a flower shot, still don’t what kind it is but I loved the color!

Til next time, let’s keep our fingers cross that Oliver, Olivia, and their two chicks return to their nest for us to enjoy the rest of the season!  Hopefully they will get homesick real soon!  🙂

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