Our Empty Osprey Nest

It has been a week since my last post on our osprey family; and in that time, there isn’t much to report as our entire osprey family has basically been absent from the nest, even during the night.  I have not seen a chick for five days, Oliver I’ve seen once, and Olivia twice.  Each parent’s visit was brief; Olivia both times called out, maybe trying to bring home her kids.  It’s as if they just knew this brutal heat we are experiencing was about to descend on us and flew the coop!  We experienced this exact disappearance scenario a couple weeks after last year’s chicks fledged.  Hopefully, this year’s have located a tree with shade along the water somewhere, and they are safe and out exploring their new world.  They shouldn’t have gone too far, ospreys do continue to use their nest as home base, to meet up with each other and maybe enjoy a dinner until their September migration.

Here’s my last sighting of Oliver, having just departed a brief visit to the nest.

And of Olivia on the nest early Thursday morning, calling out for a few minutes, and then giving up and flying off.

Today there were several osprey flying in the area, but none came to the nest and I wasn’t able to identify if they were any of our family.  I’m hoping when the heat breaks, we will see them return more often.

In the meantime, our mockingbird continues to visit the nest to perch and sing.  I’ve seen a second mockingbird try to land and the first one chase him away or put on a wing-spread display while screeching, as if to say, go away this is my perch!

I bet Olivia doesn’t know about her house visitors and an intruder has laid claim to her nest.  Although I’m sure Mr. Mockingbird would disappear immediately upon seeing a huge osprey coming directly at him to land.

Let’s hope this hot weather breaks and we see our osprey family return with more frequent visits!

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