Enjoying Our Quietness

Our area continues to be on the quiet side as the seasons change, it is nonetheless a beautiful time.  We still have a our visiting Great Blue Heron for our enjoyment.  Because of the higher than normal tides lately, he’s not had the shallowness at the berm area at the base of the nest to stand on/in as often, he’s been mostly visiting the nest.  For sure, he’s found another spot to fish.

The reason for the higher tides……

Last weekend if you recall was awesome, temps were high 70’s, it was just a gorgeous weekend.  Husband & I decided to take a trip to Solomons Island, Maryland.  Great place to visit and explore if you’ve never gone.  It’s a quiet town, home of the Calvert Marine Museum and the famous Solomon’s Tiki Bar (which we enjoyed this visit!).

Of course, wildlife is also abundant in the Solomons Island area.  We watched a mute swan lazily bob around in the warm sun.

Eventually, oncoming boats caused him to take flight.

A bald eagle flew across the sky at a distance.  I didn’t know he had a fish in his claws until I reviewed my photos later.

I was shooting some cormorants also perched and soaking up the sun.  I thought this one was a bit comical…. did the one on the left ask the other one to look to see if he had anything on the bottom of his foot?  LOL

And of course, there is a huge abundance of seagulls.

Here at Oyster Cove, there were some recent beautiful sky views.  The edge of a passing storm heading east on October 3rd….

with a beautiful sunset that followed.

A gorgeous sunrise on October 10……

Which casted a pinkish hue over CBEC and the fog.

And yesterday a rainbow to our east….

While the sun set to our west.

Yes, lately it’s been a bit quiet.  No longer do we hear the sound of our osprey and other summer singing birds.  But soon the migration of many species will be descending upon us.  I’ve already heard the faint honking of the geese arriving and we know they can definitely be a noisy bunch!

3 thoughts on “Enjoying Our Quietness

  1. WOW! Absolutely …beautiful photos…as usual!!
    Thanks for sharing again!!
    Your lucky neighbor, Shirley

  2. Thank you Donna. As always your photos capture such beauty. I miss those views right now as we are exploring the SC coast but you’re doing a great job of keeping us connected. We don’t miss any of your postings. P. Ryan

    • You must be experiencing some great views along the SC coast! I’ve been dying to visit the Outer Banks area this time of year to see the migrating birds that are passing through and are going by you as well. Have you seen any osprey? They should be making their way along your path now. Thanks Priscilla for staying along with my sharing!

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