Blake The Blue Heron’s Still Hangin’ Around

Blake the Blue Heron made several appearances this past week over at the marshy point where he’s more likely to be seen these days.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen Blake at our osprey nest base.  A few days ago he appeared as if he were going to land at the base but made a quick change of plans as I caught him doing a fly-by as he headed over to the point to spend some time hanging out and to do a little fishing.

At first I wondered if he saw me and made the change in plans.  Then I picked up on the distinct calling of a bald eagle over from the CBEC/Marshy Creek area where Blake had flown from.  When I finally spotted the eagle, he was circling down and landed on Lipincott’s channel marker for only a couple minutes before heading over to CBEC to perch for over an hour.  Maybe it was the eagle’s presence that made Blake continue past on by the nest.

For those in the community with binoculars, that clump of trees is a favorite perching area to catch a glimpse of CBEC’s bald eagles over the fall/winter months.  Note the osprey nest platform in the water to the right for zooming in on the location.

Last night we had another awesome sunset…..

And this morning another gorgeous sunrise over CBEC.

After the sun rose before the day’s overcast descended on us, it shined bright on the water at the berm, appearing as if it were liquid gold.  It was pretty cool-looking!

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by my photo blog to check out the on-goings of my little world around an osprey nest and the surrounding Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I enjoy sharing them with you and appreciate your comments and likes!

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