A Quiet Week At Oyster Cove

We had a quiet week here at Oyster Cove.  This past Monday evening, we enjoyed another spectacular sunset here at Oyster Cove.  Yes, I am a sucker for a sunset shot.  🙂  Although this recent time change doesn’t work in my favor now to be home in time to capture them…..it’s getting out of the office in time to make it, lol.

The first photo were taken at 4:45 pm Monday evening.  The three vertical lines are vapor trails from three jets that made their way towards the setting sun.

You never know whether a sunset will continue to just fizzle out for the night or give way to more beauty and brightness which is what Monday’s sunset did.  This next photo was taken at 5:06 pm.

We had rains and wind Tuesday and Wednesday, keeping everything quiet and remote.  The rains stopped and Thursday was sunny and bright.  Coming home, I enjoyed our skies present another interesting sunset.  I made it home after the sun had dipped below the horizon, and I watched as the cloud illuminated as if the sun was behind it.  While growing up, we called these ‘sundogs’.

Friday morning before departing, I was pleasantly surprised to see Blake the Blue Heron off to my left along our berm.  He was puffed up to keep warm in the windy cool conditions.  I had only seen him one other time during the week.

Yesterday was another bright & beautiful breezy day.  An early morning perch was enjoyed by a gull on our osprey nest, enjoyed enough to sit-and-stay for a while.

Saturday was a bit chilly with the wind but that didn’t stop my 5 1/2 month old grandson and I from taking a walk around the waterside path of the community in the afternoon.  The ducks were busy coming in to the cove just to the right of our nest, hoping someone had seed to toss to them.  These two photos also give you a glimpse of our OC osprey nest platform in the background.

After rounding the community between the two marinas, we came across a great blue heron along the berm, keeping an eye on us as he stood motionless.  After stopping to watch, we proceeded which did scare him enough to fly away.  He wasn’t our ‘Blake’ who has been visiting our osprey nest area for the last 12 weeks, his body was smaller and his chest was not the dark rusty-look Blake sports.

As we continued and made our way towards our community entrance, I photographed a few flowers to practice macro shooting.  The breezy conditions didn’t help, but I got one I really liked.

Our entrance tree…..

Although I’ve been determined to keep this a wildlife, nature & local  photo blog (and it’s been hard with the hundreds of awesome shots I’ve taken to date of him! LOL), I gotta share a photo of my walking buddy and grandson, Benjamin.  A keepsake for me, it was our ‘first’ nature walk together!  🙂

Finally, as we all know, Christmas is around the corner, and Santa made his merry appearance last night in our local Kent Narrows’ Christmas boat parade.  I learned a big lesson on NEVER leaving again without my spare battery, but I did manage to get a few shots of some of the nine decorated boats and the fire boat that led the parade with Santa, before it stopped!

The decorating was awesome and enjoyed by the crowds that lined the shores and restaurant windows to catch a view!

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