Our Visitors and My Visit to Assateague & Chincoteague

The past week continued with mild temps and south/southwest breezy winds, at times 20-30 mph, making conditions still not favorable for visiting waterfowl around our osprey nest.  Within the next month, the migratory birds will begin their trek back north.  Such a big difference from this time last winter where we were iced-over and were fortunate to watch visiting Canadian geese, tundra swan, scaups, buffleheads, mallards, eagles, canvasbacks, and gulls in abundance.

But our loyal visiting Canadian geese and buffleheads are still around to date.  This morning a small group of geese were just bobbing along around the nest and then took off for their day’s excursion.

At sunrise while the waters have been calm before the day’s winds began, the buffleheads were feeding almost daily.

One morning just before leaving for work, a pair of house finches were on our balcony rail, enjoying the warm rays of the rising sun.  Very flighty, so I was lucky to get this shot of the male from behind the chair.

I work in a commercial industrial park so there’s usually not too many birds around.  But yesterday when getting out of my car, I  spotted this pair of European starlings singing their hearts out.

The past week still afforded beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Wednesday was one of those sunrises, with a group of Canadian geese waking up with the sun.  I took several from my balcony that just didn’t seem to do it, so decided to get a couple shots from along the berm at the base of our osprey nest, put a little front foliage in the shot.

Sure makes you want to stay home and watch the day unfold instead of going to work!  🙂

I’ve finished up my Assateague Island / Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge photos from my visit two weeks ago.  Here’s a sampling to entice you to jump to the full page of photos….

On this first shot, I took maybe 25-30 photos of this Great egret as he slowly moved around and didn’t know until I was home reviewing them that some showed a ‘heart’ in his neck.    🙂

To continue to see the full page of much more, you can access the Assateague/Chincoteague photo gallery page HERE, or down the sidebar under Pages.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend & upcoming week!

12 thoughts on “Our Visitors and My Visit to Assateague & Chincoteague

  1. So enjoyed these photos, Donna. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent. That last photo gave me a laugh and I will be smiling all day as I recall the “1 leg 2 wing hop”!

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