Tundra Swans and Blake’s Back

After posting last Sunday, I got to hang around for the day but not much was going on out by the osprey nest.  Then about 3pm, I spotted a blue heron along our berm.  Could it be Blake, ‘our’ blue heron who started visiting us 22 weeks ago?  I took quite a few shots while he made his way in the muddy muck at low tide towards our osprey nest.  The tide was so low that he wasn’t successful in his fishing, but he gave it a try before up and flying over to the other point to another favorite spot of his.  After comparing to my past photos, I believe it was Blake.  He’s probably been around the corner or across the way all along at another sweet spot while the direct winds kept the water bit rough around the nest the last few weeks!

Monday and Tuesday, Blake was along the berm again when I came home from work, doing his thing before giving up and taking a flight over to CBEC.

What a treat to see him again!  Last year we were frozen over with ice about this time and I’ve never seen a blue heron anywhere in sight.  If we’re lucky, he’ll hang around until mid-March when our osprey pair, Oliver and Olivia, return from their winter vacation.  But once they return, Blake will have to find safer grounds, blue herons are one of the birds that Oliver and Olivia will not allow around their nest area.  So we shall see!

Being used to seeing tundra swans in large numbers in Marshy Creek (off to the left of our nest) during the winter months, and hearing them in a distance elsewhere this winter, it’s exciting to see they’ve decided to spend several past days in our community’s sight finally!

As I was photographing, I pulled out the binoculars because I thought I could see an eagle.  Sure enough, there was one….no two!  The second one is just to the right of the circled one, but in the shade hidden.  About midway in the photo, their nest is high in the trees but cannot be seen from my balcony, but you can see it from CBEC’s drive.

I almost jumped into the car to ride over to CBEC to see if I could get closer shots of the tundra swans, but reality beckoned otherwise (cooking dinner!).  After seeing them again Monday night in large numbers, on my home from work Tuesday I stopped over to CBEC for a quick check.  It was too difficult to get a decent shot (even with me standing inside my car door ledge trying to LOL), but I did like this one.  I didn’t know the Canadian geese were in my foreground until I downloaded the shots.  This one should be titled, Bottoms Up! as the swans feed on the bottom.

I didn’t stay but a few minutes but took time to capture a shot of the eagle’s nest I mentioned above from CBEC drive.  No eagles in sight though.  😦

This little guy, an Eastern bluebird, was singing and watching me as I photographed the eagle’s nest.

We been graced with more beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Picking my favorite from this past week is this sunset on Monday.  The beauty stayed with us for almost an hour after the sun actually set.  The water just glowed, it was awesome!

Finally, a couple shots from today.  This morning this gull was keeping tabs on the nest, squawking at any other gull that tried to come too close.  I wanted to show the condition of our osprey nest.  The winter winds and visitors picking at it has reduced it to almost nothing.  Oliver will have his work cut out to rebuild it when he returns, which we know he’s one great architect.  His building materials have always been interesting, as he has a love for items and plastic in addition to sticks.  Notice the boat line and black plastic embedded in the nest?  LOL  Last year, he even brought a McDonald’s bag to use!

Also this evening while the mallards were waiting for their ‘feeding’, they all took flight in a tight pack at once.  Clue!  I ran out and put my eye to the sky for an eagle.  And there he was.  A not-so-great shot….

And that’s the latest on what I’ve sighted around our osprey nest.  It sure has been a ‘slow’ winter because the migratory birds didn’t come as far south as they normally do, but somewhat still exciting, as we begin the countdown of the arrival of spring as well as Oliver and Olivia!

16 thoughts on “Tundra Swans and Blake’s Back

    • Our community is anxious for Oliver and Olivia’s return, and I personally CANNOT WAIT! They are the reason I started this blog and now are a passion of mine. I am so fortunate to watch their daily life of antics and accomplishments each season from such a short distance. So much so, I had to figure out a way to share before I’d burst! 🙂

  1. Saw your camera on your balcony and hoped we would have a sighting of you! LOL! John saw two bald eagles sitting on marker 3. I was out so missed them. Also Sunday we saw something for the first time….scads and scads of birds seeming to migrate way high in the sky. There were so many intertwining lines of birds the sky looked marbleized! Also the setting sun lit their white underbellies just right so they looked like irregular strands of diamonds. Really spectacular. We returned to our NJ home Monday early afternoon, sorry we missed that sunset. They are amazing!

    • Sorry you missed me! LOL With this mild winter, I’ve been able to continue to set up my camera & tripod when I’m around and just pop out every so often to see what’s going on. Sometimes it’s just too easy! 🙂 I missed the pair eagles on the marker too and just know they’re out & about and probably sitting on our nest when I’m not around, darn it. LOL

      I would have loved to see the birds you saw migrating high in the sky while the sun was setting, that must have been awesome. Did you take a photograph? Being at the right place at the right time is so true!

  2. Good to see Blake again. A very interesting post with great photos and lots of information. Thanks Donna!

    • Mine too. They have such stature! Although I’ve gotten close to a few and the look they throw you makes you know you need to step back slowly. LOL I don’t think I want to tangle with an GBH!

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