Oliver and Olivia’s 2011 Season Photo Rewind

As promised, I finally finished a photo story rewind of Oyster Cove’s osprey pair, Oliver and Olivia, from last year’s season.  With their impending arrival in the next couple weeks, I thought it would be refreshing to review Oliver and Olivia’s life of work, fun, thrills, and successes.  In 2008 when we moved to Oyster Cove in Grasonville, Maryland, Oliver and Olivia were already an annual wonderment to our community.  My third-floor balcony view gave me eye-popping sights, and I quickly & eagerly learned all about the osprey so I could understand Oliver and Olivia while enjoying them.

In July 2010, I was about to bust with the information I had witnessed and photos I had taken of Oliver and Olivia to date and in the past seasons.  I was hanging up photos at our clubhouse and in the elevators, showing photos to everyone in the community who was interested in looking at them.  A friend mentioned creating a blog would be an easier way to share my stories and photos of Oliver and Olivia to our community and maybe even to others who had an interest in the osprey.

And that’s how and why my blog was born.

Due to the length and ease to find at a later date, I created a separate page for Oliver and Olivia’s 2011 photo rewind.  I really REALLY tried to select as few as possible from last year’s thousands that would showcase their life….boy it was hard.   So if you’ve got 5+ minutes, grab a cup of coffee or drink, sit back, and click HERE or go to the sidebar and click the photo rewind under Pages.  I hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks to every one of you for stopping by!

Oliver and Olivia, we are ready for your return to Oyster Cove!  

15 thoughts on “Oliver and Olivia’s 2011 Season Photo Rewind

  1. What a wonderful series of photos of the Ospreys! My wife and I enjoyed every one of them. There is a ling riffle in the Clark Fork River just below our house and every summer Ospreys fish that section of river and we get to see them every day, but not as close and personal as those in your great photos. Thank you so much for posting the rewind!

  2. Oh boy, nestoration, wave skimming, dog fights, a real sense of “style” and some beautiful photos and info about these two magnificent osprey. Thank you for the review of last year and the background of how you got into this. I am so glad you did! Can’t wait for the action this year.

  3. A sensational collection of photos, Donna. Wow! You definitely put in a lot of work on this one. I hope they will return this year. It is such a nice thing to have this happen right outside your windows.

    • Why thank you so very much Kathy! I really do enjoy watching this family grow each season while interacting with humans and other birds, and then getting to share in a photo story for others makes it that much better. I really would bust if I couldn’t share! 🙂 Sometimes they’ve made me laugh out loud and sometimes I’ve sat and worried while watching them during a terrible thunderstorm, praying for their safety. Attachment to nature (especially when they have names!) really is enduring, I hope others find that true too. Thanks again Kathy, I really do enjoy your blog too!

    • Thanks Joleen, it’s that love and attachment to a bird family, but a special bird family. 🙂 It is true, I would bust if I couldn’t share. Husband has probably heard enough about osprey and birds to last him a lifetime, LOL. He is a good sport about it though, and getting pretty good at spotting a bird for me or before me if he can!

  4. just spectacular, I’ve looked at them all and enjoyed them all so much. that was something to see, oliver and the bald eagle fighting in flight. to see these osprey go about their business and to watch them raise the baby’s is surly a treat.. thanks for posting.. ; )

    • Thanks Dianne, it surely is a treat for me! I almost think of them…no…I DO think of them as my kids. 🙂 You should see me when a storm is upon us, I’m at the binoculars ensuring they’re okay and praying. LOL

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