Oliver and Olivia’s 2011 Season Photo Rewind

As promised, I finally finished a photo story rewind of Oyster Cove’s osprey pair, Oliver and Olivia, from last year’s season.  With their impending arrival in the next couple weeks, I thought it would be refreshing to review Oliver and Olivia’s life of work, fun, thrills, and successes.  In 2008 when we moved to Oyster Cove in Grasonville, Maryland, Oliver and Olivia were already an annual wonderment to our community.  My third-floor balcony view gave me eye-popping sights, and I quickly & eagerly learned all about the osprey so I could understand Oliver and Olivia while enjoying them.

In July 2010, I was about to bust with the information I had witnessed and photos I had taken of Oliver and Olivia to date and in the past seasons.  I was hanging up photos at our clubhouse and in the elevators, showing photos to everyone in the community who was interested in looking at them.  A friend mentioned creating a blog would be an easier way to share my stories and photos of Oliver and Olivia to our community and maybe even to others who had an interest in the osprey.

And that’s how and why my blog was born.

Due to the length and ease to find at a later date, I created a separate page for Oliver and Olivia’s 2011 photo rewind.  I really REALLY tried to select as few as possible from last year’s thousands that would showcase their life….boy it was hard.   So if you’ve got 5+ minutes, grab a cup of coffee or drink, sit back, and click HERE or go to the sidebar and click the photo rewind under Pages.  I hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks to every one of you for stopping by!

Oliver and Olivia, we are ready for your return to Oyster Cove!  

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