Feathered Friends Amongst Oyster Cove

To catch up after my recent osprey update post, here are my ‘other’ birds I captured in the last week and a half.  A mixture of some new and some regulars!  Several came from my ‘new’ exit route when leaving for work.  One of my mornings when leaving, on a whim I decided to drive over by our small community’s marina & tennis courts before heading out, and it was then I saw a red cardinal.  He wasn’t too crazy about me even thinking about grabbing my camera and took flight immediately.  I’ve not had a chance to capture a cardinal, and red IS m favorite color, so every morning since, I’ve been driving over to that area before heading out.  Haven’t seen him since 😦 but I quickly found out the Killdeer are back from last year.  This first shot was funny, he stood directly in front of a painted parking line…..or was he just painted on??!!  😉


There was a pair of them so maybe they are the same ones I posted about last year that had a little one (next photo).  Hopefully, I’ll see more babies this year and can post to share, they are so cute!

Parent Killdeer keeping eye on the baby - June 20, 2011

Another morning, from the car I was shooting some type of flowering tree by the marina and didn’t realize a red-winged blackbird was sitting within 10 feet of me on the dock.  He started singing and I turned and shot a few.  I liked this next photo the best!

Red-winged Blackbird

Another morning, one was singing amongst the marshy reeds….

That same morning, the next photos were shot at eye-level from my car as this starling sat and fed on a mounded grass hill.

European Starling

European Starling

European Starling

Needless to say, with that much neat activity in the mornings, I did the community ‘loop’ when arriving home a couple evenings.  Definitely quieter in the early evening, but I did get a treat and found this next little guy swimming around in the marina.  I think he wanted to show off a little…..

Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Duck

From my balcony, I’ve had the regulars continue to visit or fly on by.  The American coots had continued to appear in large rafts in the mornings and evenings, but I figured when you’ve seen one big raft of coots, you’ve seen them all!  I’ve noticed the last few days it seems the coots have gone except for a few stranglers who have been coming up to the berm to feed.  Always eluding me to share, I finally got a shot with the lighting right to show the coot’s pretty red eyes.

American Coot

American Coots

I was surprised to see the little ring-billed grebe had returned.  He was all alone again.

Pied-billed Grebe

Of course, the American robin is everywhere, busy getting nesting materials while protecting their territory from the other birds.  This fella was taking the high perch on the gutter and keeping an eye below…..and on me while he sang his song.

American Robin

A few other feathered friends who flew by my lens…..


Double-crested Cormorants

Great Blue Heron

Turkey Vultures

Finally, many’s favorite raptor, the Bald Eagle.  Even at a distance, here’s some ‘half-way decent’ shots I thought I’d share.

Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle

Well, that’s me caught up!  I think! LOL   As always, I hope you enjoyed….and thanks for stopping by!

33 thoughts on “Feathered Friends Amongst Oyster Cove

    • Thank you! I enjoy the challenge of trying to follow and focus-lock as the birds cruise on by. Then it’s added fun to download & review them, and find a beauty amongst the duds. 🙂

    • Pretty cool little fellas! I wonder how the killeer got such a fierce name, lol. I must say that red-winged blackbird was really putting his effort into his song! I so was excited to see him flaring his epaulets like that and was hoping real hard I was getting at least one shot. Got a few…. 🙂

  1. Nice blog and shots as always Donna. I like the first shot of the Killdeer and the white painted parking stripe.You should start a collection of shots of Killdeer and white lines with appropriate captions. It could be the start of a uniique and humorous series!

    • Thanks HJ, I really do have fun with the birds and love sharing! And seeing others, including yours! BTW, I have Georgia blood in me, LOL. My dad was born/raised in Screven, just north of Waycross/south of Jessup. 🙂

  2. You always have a great series of bird photos, but my favorite this time was the red-wing blackbird holding the red epaulets on his shoulder erect. I didn’t realize they could do that.

    • I actually thought that immature eagle was going down and after a small duck since he dropped down his legs and appeared to be getting into a striking stance, but he didn’t. I guess he was just getting some fresh air through his feathers and legs! Does look like he’s enjoying it, LOL.

    • You know Tom, if I had thought of that cool idea to try and pose the Killdeer just like that against that white line, he wouldn’t have! LOL They always do the opposite of what you’re thinking they might do, makes for a lot of challenge, I love it!

  3. A great collection photos, Donna. I love them all. I am jealous of your Red-winged Blackbird photo. I’ve never gotten one that good. I love Killddeer babies. Just huge eyes and long legs. And the Ruddies are cuties. But one thing, not to be picky, but it the grebe is a Pied-billed Grebe. But your name of it makes sense. 🙂

    • Thanks Bob, I like making you jealous, I’ve been jealous of many of your shots for quite some time! 😉 I hope the Killdeers do have babies, they are funny to watch run with those long legs. And big thanks for catching my ID mistake. I do know it’s pied-billed, but for some dumb reason I had ring-billed on my brain. Must have been those gulls, LOL. Keep me straight please, I need it!

  4. Dear Donna, these are great shots and so beautiful… I can imagine your feelings and your patience behind all these photographs… I have never seen red wings and also known too… Fascinated me. Thank you dear Donna, with my love, nia

  5. Hi Donna,
    Your pictures are so amazing! Looks like you live in a paradise of awesome creatures. The eagle pictures are awesome and thanks for the juvenile shot. I would have never know that was an eagle. Now I know what to look out for here in SC. Never a dull moment. I find myself admiring nature so long and I wonder where my day went. Thanks again for the great pictures.

    Our osprey pair are continuing to stay in and near the nest at all times so I am optomistic that there might be eggs in there already. I received my telescope and the detail on the osprey is tremendous. Now I know I don’t have juveniles as they have GOLD eyes!! Yeah! The male really doesn’t bring her fish though. He let’s her have a turn exercising and getting her own dinner, but he is taking his turn on the nest. The nest is so deep that basically all I can see between the pine branches is a little white head sometimes!! The only other time I can see them better is when they land on another branch where I have a better view of them. I am so excited for the progress this year and I stay as far away from the nest as I can so I don’t disturb them. 🙂

    Loved your pictures you emailed to me. The plastic bag on Oliver was such a scarey thing and I am so glad he freed himself from it. Will keep you updated.

    • Thanks Linda, I feel like I do live in paradise, there is nothing like being around the water and enjoying the wildlife, watching them daily go about their life. I know what you mean about ‘losing time’ when admiring nature, wouldn’t it be awesome if someone paid us everyday to do that? Every day would be a new adventure. 🙂

      If an adult is always sitting down in the nest while the other one is off and gone, you must have eggs! I hope you do, once those chicks are popping up and moving around, with your new telescope, you will never want to leave your post. Keep us posted on your ospreys’ progress!

  6. great ighting photos-I have a soft spot for the Ruddy, that was the one that got me running for a guide and addicted to birding thereon in.I had a friend who would compete with me to find the first Ruddy of the season then share with me the delight of the sighting. Anotherpassion like photography that gets me in the moment. And liked the set -up and lighting of the Coots.

    • Thanks Jane, and thanks for sharing your story on what bird peaked your interest with bird photography. The Ruddy is really a pretty duck. My bird love started with the osprey, and now I trying to learn about more birds from all you fellow bird bloggers, it’s such a treat to see nature and wildlife in other parts of the world!

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