In Search of That Northern Cardinal

Both yesterday and today, I looped before and after work around our community’s marina in search of that Northern Cardinal that had eluded me the previous days.  I was hoping he was a resident and just wanted one good shot of him if I could.  Yesterday as soon as I turned the corner, I saw him.  🙂   I stopped and stayed still as he flew from tree to tree.  What a flighty bird!  Once he seemed to feel he was far enough away from me, I decided to try to photograph him from my position instead of moving the car more or getting out.  I’m glad I did, afterwards he flew out of sight.  But I got him!

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

This morning he was present again, and I saw the Mrs this time.   Both eluded me going into a bush; but that was okay.  I’m thinking and hoping they are residents and I’ll be seeing more of them.  Hmmmm….maybe there’s a nest in that bush?  I’ll keep my eye on it.

Between yesterday and today’s loop, I am amazed by what I have seen by taking just ten quick minutes each time before moving on.  I have been sorely missing not having an osprey pair on our nest platform, especially after three previous seasons of constant osprey activity.  So discovering my little loop and its treasure of other birds has perked me up a bunch!  I just never thought of it before.  Here’s my variety of captures for my two days/four loops.

The Ruddy Duck was back.  He really is a beauty with his contrasting coloring.

Ruddy Duck - "Weren't you here before, lady?"

This mockingbird literally just flew up to the branch next to me in the car to pose for his picture!

Northern Mockingbird

Barn Swallows are perching along the boat dock lines, I definitely had a hard time focusing from my distance, so I’ll be working on getting better shots of these fellas.

Barn Swallows

Barn Swallow

Mr. Killdeer was busy running around, looking for something to eat.  After the next photo, he then ran over to the tennis courts, puffed up at me, then sat down and just watched me.  I slowly rolled on….




The male mallard in the next photo came out of nowhere onto the dock, as if to say hey, over here, take my picture!  So I did!


I almost missed the dove in this next photo, he was so close to me on the pavement as I was passing him.  If he hadn’t moved slightly, I would have.   I clicked clicked and thanked him for his time!

Mourning Dove

I also saw two osprey cruising on by.  The second one swooped down into the marshy inlet after I photographed him and grabbed a stick and took off.  Trees were in the way or I would have captured him with his stick.

Osprey with dinner


I definitely need some assistance on this next fella.  He was in the same marshy inlet where the osprey swooped down for the stick.  I had gotten out of the car to try to get a closer shot through the reeds, and scared out an American Robin in the bush right next to me, scared me to death!  Mrs. Robin was having a fit on a branch five feet from me, so I backed off but not before peeking at the nest.  No eggs yet, but an easy nest to keep an eye on later for some babies!

Dowitcher or Yellowlegs maybe? (UPDATE: Long-billed Dowitcher per Bob, thanks Bob!)

Next to the marina and tennis courts, we have a kind community neighbor who cares for the three purple martin houses and recently put them back up.  Last year I did spend a couple times trying to get a shot, but wasn’t very successful.  This time, WOW, I was thrilled with these two who gave me a sweet moment of their time.

Purple Martins

Purple Martin

There aren’t many purple martins yet, so I think that made it easier to photograph them.  Soon there will be so many, I’ll have to try again when the houses are full!

Finally, just down the road at Osprey Point where the osprey took up their new residence (and are busily building their nest), for the last couple weeks in the mornings there have been Canada geese hanging around.  Kept wanting to stop but didn’t and then they weren’t there for a few days.  So I told myself it served me right for not stopping.  This morning…..they were there…..and this time I stopped!  🙂

Canada Geese

I really had fun on my little photo op loops and couldn’t wait to share them with you.  I appreciate your stopping by and hope you enjoyed my local birds through my lens!

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